A revolutionary new process combining art with functionality. Ceramic inks are fused into the glass during the tempering process allowing glass to be printed with precision and color.

  •  Dip-tech differs from the competition:
    • fills the peaks and valleys in the glass for a smooth finish
    • non-textured
    • cannot feel where the paint has been applied, unlike most applications
    • lasts the life of the glass
  • Compatible with Clearshield, never fades, easy to clean, scratch-resistant with a smooth surface
  • A Dip-Tech option is available on any non-treated, standard, or low iron glass.
  • Not available on Showerguard treated or patterned glass

Printed Grid Lines

Printed grid lines look like metal, feel like silk (or glass)! The lines are scratch-resistant, fade-resistant, and antimicrobial.


Let your imagination soar!

Whether it’s intricate patterns, faux textures, natural, modern, urban, or romantic, they can all be printed right into the glass.

6-Natural Leaves Shower zoom
5-Natural leaves Shower hadmaya
4-Natural forest Shower zoom
3-Natural Forest Shower hadmaya
2-Modern Paths shower zoom
1-Modern Paths shower hadmaya